Trapani what to see: the sunset at the Saltpans in Mothia and Trapani by night

In San Vito Lo Capo, there are many leisure opportunities, but during your holidays there are two places that you absolutely must not miss!

Trapani what to see: the sunset at the Saltpans in Mothia and Trapani by night

The first stop is the island of Mozia, an ancient Phoenician colony also known as the island of San Pantaleo. Located within the “Stagnone di Marsala” Natural Reserve, the island is immersed in crystal clear waters and offers a luxuriant fauna and flora, including salt tanks and archaeological excavations that testify to its importance as a commercial port for the Carthaginians.

The second stop that you cannot miss is the city of Trapani, a magical place full of stories and legends, palaces and architecture to admire and wonderful destinations to visit. Don't miss the chance to discover the most beautiful attractions of the city with our excursion. Mothia’s Saltpans and Trapani by night, an evening excursion to stroll through the streets of the historic center in a romantic atmosphere.

What to see in Trapani

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    Departure from Via Piersanti Mattarella, 33 in San Vito Lo Capo at 17:00

  2. 2

    Arrival in Mothiawith the opportunity to visit the Salt Museum, free visit of the Ettore Infersa salt pans and/or aperitif at Mamma Caura, alternatively boarding for Mothia, visit of the island, "J. Whitaker" Museum, marble statue called "Young Man of Mothia", Walls, North Gate, submerged road, Cappiddazzu Sanctuary, Tophet, South Gate.

  3. 3

    Arrival in Trapani scheduled for 20:00/20:30. Stroll through the streets of the historic center of Trapani with a guide admiring the Purgatory Church, the San Lorenzo’s Cathedral, the Senatorial Palace, the Old Market Square, the “Tramontana” Walls, the Ligny Tower and much more

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    Have an aperitif or dinner in one of the many clubs in the historic center and rely on the advice of our guide

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    Return to San Vito Lo Capo scheduled at 23.45

The fee includes:

  • Return bus transport
  • Qualified driver
  • Expert escort
  • Fuel and VAT

The fee does not include:

  • Meals and drinks
  • Entrances
  • Extras and tips

To know:

  • Mothia island pier Ticket
    € 5.00 round trip

  • Entrance to Mothia Island
    Ticket € 9.00

What to do in Trapani: visit the saltpans of Marsala and Mothia

If you are looking for things to see in Trapani during your holidays, there are some places you cannot miss.

One of these is a visit to the saltpans of Marsala and to the island of Mothia, in the natural reserve of “Lo Stagnone”. Here, you can admire the mill and the salt pans, among the most fascinating on the Trapani coast, which each year produce about ten thousand tons of whole salt thanks to the natural elements of the lagoon.

During our excursion we will visit Porta Nord, one of the main entrances of the city, well preserved. You will be able to admire several religious buildings, including the Sanctuary of “Cappiddazzu”, with its imposing tripartite structures to the north, inserted in a large enclosure. Another listed building is the Tophet, a shrine where burial urns were kept.

Mothia, an ancient Phoenician colony, was an important commercial center for the Carthaginians. It was made famous by the nobleman Joseph Whitaker who, starting in 1902, decided to build his home there and brought to light numerous historical finds. Today, these exhibits are housed in the J. Whitaker Museum and include bowls, glass, pottery, weapons, jewelry, and sacred objects. Among the most famous finds is the “Giovinetto di Mozia” (The Young Man from Mothia), a Greek marble statue depicting a male figure. Our guide will tell you the story behind all these objects.

What to visit in Trapani: the historical center of Trapani

During our excursion to Trapani, you will have the opportunity to live a magical experience, immersed in stories and legends to discover, architecture to admire and wonderful destinations to visit. If you are wondering what to visit in Trapani and how not to miss the most beautiful attractions, the ideal solution is to hang out in Trapani by night, the evening excursion that will allow you to explore the city and stroll through the streets of the historical center.

With our guide, you will discover the beauty of Trapani walking and enjoying the fresh evening air. You will cross the streets of the center and discover the Chiesa del Purgatorio, where every year the 20 sculptural groups of the procession “Dei Misteri” are jealously guarded. You will then admire the Cathedral of Trapani, the Cathedral of San Lorenzo, built in 1421 thanks to the Spanish prince Alfonso V of Aragon and enriched over the years to become the fascinating building you see today.

What to see in Trapani? Definitely the mighty Palazzo Senatorio, also known as Palazzo Cavarretta, dating back to 1425 and characterized by particular marble decorations on the façade, including statues, fountains, eagles, shields and vases. A marvel to be admired looking up, flanked by the Porta Oscura and the Clock Tower, with the oldest astronomical clocks in all of Europe.

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