Trapani, what to see? Discover this magnificent city!

Visit Trapani, the city that bears different names together with itself: the city of a hundred churches, the city of salt, the city of wind, the city of sailing. This is simply a city full of stories, attractions, legends and places to discover. If you are wondering "Trapani, what to see?", Discover this excursion and book your place with I Tre Golfi Accommodation.

Trapani, what to see? Discover this magnificent city!

Its sickle-shaped silhouette tells its first legend: Ceres, goddess of earth and fertility, fell from his hand, while on the chariot pulled by winged snakes, he ran around the world in search of his daughter Proserpina, kidnapped by Pluto. Thus was born Drepanum, the city between the two seas, kissed to the south by the Mediterranean Sea and to the north by the Tyrrhenian Sea.

The urban fabric tells of its main Arab and Spanish invasions, with palaces and churches that recall its arts, also leaving room for Renaissance, Baroque and Art Nouveau architecture.

Trapani, what to see? A city to visit all year round, taking the opportunity to also pay a visit to its nearby Erice, an ancient and medieval village that in winter becomes a place full of magic. But in the summer season, this city releases all its energy.

What to see in Trapani

What to see in Trapani and surroundings? The historic center is certainly the nerve center of the city, with bars and historic buildings to discover.

What to visit in Trapani during our excursion: we will walk through the streets of the center with our nose up, starting with the Church of the Souls of Purgatory. It was built in 1688 and, important for Catholic worship, is the seat of the "20 sculptural groups" of the procession of the “Misteri”, during Holy Week. A show not to be missed.

We will continue to the Cathedral of San Lorenzo, the Cathedral of Trapani, located in the historic center along the main street, Corso Vittorio Emanuele. Its construction took place in 1421 thanks to Alfonso V of Aragon, a Spanish Prince of the royal caste of Aragon. You can see its mainly baroque features, which over the years underwent many variations, to become what it is today in all its beauty.

We will discover the magnificent Palazzo Senatorio, also known as Palazzo Cavarretta, which was the seat of the city Senate and today of the Municipality. It stands on the ancient Loggia dei Pisani in 1425. In the following years various changes were made, including the marble decoration of the façade with the addition of three statues, two first-order fountains, an eagle, two shields and three large vases. A spectacle to be admired for hours without ever getting tired.

We will see the Old Fish Market Square, a historic square in the city of Trapani, better known as "a patch". For decades it has been a place where smells and voices of adults and children mixed together giving life to the local fish market. In the center of the square we find the splendid statue of Venus Anadiomene representing the Goddess Aphrodite, who has always been venerated as the protector of fishermen.

Adjacent to this magnificent square we will walk on the “Tramontana” Walls, those walls that over the centuries have defended Trapani from attacks by Turkish, Spanish and many other predators, who were trying to grab one of the most important cities, as a producer of white gold, the Salt, and nerve center for port operations. Trapani was fortified above all on its northern side, the side where, among other things, the strong and cold north wind always blows, from which it takes its name.

Trapani to see is magnificent, there are so many stories that we could tell you about every single corner of the city, but we want to leave you the pleasure of discovery that will accompany you throughout the excursion.

The departure from San Vito lo Capo is scheduled at 5.30 pm, arriving at approximately 6.15 pm. Between one attraction and another you can have an aperitif or a dinner in one of the many clubs in the center, discovering what to do in Trapani, tasting the typical dishes and letting yourself, if you wish, advise from our guide.

The return to San Vito lo Capo is scheduled for 11.30 pm.

Trapani and its surroundings, a sight not to be missed with our guided excursions. We are waiting for you!

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