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Scooter rental San Vito lo Capo

Scooter rental San Vito lo Capo, the perfect solution to discover the magical territory of San Vito lo Capo. You will be able to enjoy the scent of the sea, the warm air, the wind on the skin and the full freedom of movement.

Scooter rental San Vito lo Capo, the ideal solution to feel free!

Many people choose to rent a scooter for their holidays, especially in spring and summer, which in Sicily means from April to November ! This vehicle gives you the opportunity to feel free, calm and carefree, light from any luggage, bringing the bare essentials with you. You will forget about the long lines under the scorching summer sun and the problems finding a parking space without having to travel the kilometers to reach the beach.

Moving to San Vito lo Capo with a scooter is a truly magical and unique experience, you can also reach the most beautiful and hidden beaches, stopping where you prefer. You will be able to have direct contact with the nature that surrounds San Vito becoming an integral part of the evocative landscape and savoring all the smells that have always distinguished the Mediterranean resorts.

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For the rental you will not need any equipment because by renting the scooter you will receive an approved helmet included in the rental rate and with the addition of a little extra you can have a padlock with anti-theft for the entire duration of the trip and no longer think of anything with absolute safety.

There are several additional solutions to the insurance, including Super Cover for a reduction in the deductible, assistance in the event of a punctured tire or the replacement of the vehicle. With Super Cover Plus, in addition to reducing the deductible, assistance for flat tires or vehicle replacement, also ensures in case of lost keys or incorrect refueling.

Depending on the duration of the rental you can also receive a discount from 10% to 20%.

Book now your scooter and experience a free and carefree journey!

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