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Our website is implemented with a booking engine system that allows you to book for your stay in complete safety and in a few minutes, with real-time verification of the availability of the apartments, payment by credit cards through the SSL protection system and 256 bit Let's Encrypt certificate and immediate booking confirmation. You can also book by email or by phone and you can find  the contacts here.


In the apartment, you will find a manual of the house with information on the operation of the whole apartment with a description of the services, accessories and emergency numbers.

You are free to use the washing machine where present, the microwave oven as well as a real, fully equipped kitchen!

Remember, once the washing machine is running, wait 3 minutes before opening the door, otherwise you are left with the handle in your hand!

We also recommend that you do not use all appliances together, otherwise the light will skip.


Many of our accommodations are located in the heart of San Vito lo Capo, within a limited traffic area also called ZTL. This means that the historic center is closed to cars every day, to preserve the beauty of the landscape and the serenity of the guests. With our special passes that you will collect at the time of check in, however, it is possible to reach the accommodation for loading / unloading luggage and to park for free in delimited areas not far from the houses.

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