Trekking excursions Zingaro Reserve from San Vito lo Capo

Are you excited for your Zingaro Reserve excursions? Corners of heaven land are waiting for you to be discovered.

Trekking excursions Zingaro Reserve from San Vito lo Capo

Among the few stretches of coast that remained uncontaminated, after the overbuilding of a large part of the Sicilian coasts in the 1960s, the Riserva dello Zingaro preserves jealously every corner of nature and Mediterranean stretch, creating a relaxing, wild and total immersion in the green.

The Riserva dello Zingaro excursions start from San Vito lo Capo, on the north side, and continue with a walk in the direction of the Peasant Civilization Museum, with ancient testimonies of the wheat cycle, plows, scythes and saddlebags belonging to times now past.

After this visit, we continue on a climb reaching the suggestive Grotta dell'Uzzo, one of the most important prehistoric sites in the whole of Sicily, where the remains of rhinos, lions and even mammoths have also been found. This cave was used by a community of hunters to shelter at night from ferocious animals and the emotion one feels in imagining the life that other men lived thousands of years ago is indescribable.

After this leap back in time, the Riserva dello Zingaro tour continues up to the half-coast path in the locality of Sughero, where it will be possible to admire the beauty of the landscape that competes between the sea and the mountains. Continue towards Borgo Cusenza, a beam with a few houses where time stopped a hundred years ago. Then the descent towards the Caves of Mastro Peppe Siino will begin, which take their name from the owner, a real window on the sea.

Continuing the descent towards the coast, you can stop in a cozy picnic area where you can take a break after the long walk and, for those who want, it will be possible to take a nice relaxing bath in the waters clear and crystalline of Cala Tonnarella dell'Uzzo, one of the many magnificent coves made of river pebbles and natural shaded areas.

It will be really exciting to trace again roads and paths once lived by now extinct animals and men of prehistory, to imagine and live for a moment in a stretch of history far from us.

Other information

  • Lenght: 8,64 km
  • Duration: 4 h
  • Difficulty: E (Hike)
  • Maximum altitude: 473 m
  • Minimum altitude: 14 m
  • Ascent height difference: 492 m
  • Descent height difference: -492 m
  • Maximum slope uphill: 38,4%
  • Maximum descent slope: -33,4%

Note: Ticket required for entry to the Zingaro Reserve