Trekking Monte Passo del Lupo: your excursions San Vito lo Capo

Hiking shoes, backpack in shoulder and we start our excursions San Vito lo Capo, direction: Monte Passo del Lupo.

Trekking Monte Passo del Lupo: your excursions San Vito lo Capo

Among the excursions Riserva dello Zingaro San Vito lo Capo, immersed in the vegetation of the reserve among dwarf palms, eagles and orchids, opens a path that leads us to one of the most important reliefs of the mountainous peninsula of San Vito lo Capo, just above Macari, the mighty Monte Passo del Lupo in its 868 m.

The whole itinerary of the San Vito lo Capo Tour to discover its mountains starts on the small road forestry for Portella Sauci which continues up to Portella San Giovanni where the real tour begins of the mount Passo del Lupo. This path winds between two gulfs: the gulf from Mountain Hood and the gulf from Castellammare, giving a beautiful and very rich variety from landscapes with changing natural paintings throughout the hike.

During these excursions from San Vito lo Capo you can admire the plain of the town, the gulf of Castellammare, the beautiful Monte Hood, the mighty Mount Erice, the paradisiacal Islands Egadi and many other glimpses of Sicily that you can discover during your journey.

Such an exciting walk also requires a bit of healthy rest, ideal for regenerating, which is why when you arrive at the highest point you will make a stop for the lunch where you can rest your legs for a while and get ready to leave. We will continue again in the direction of Portella San Giovanni retracing the little road.

During the whole excursion of the mountain to San Vito lo Capo tour, you can admire the beautiful morphology of the coast, articulated by the presence of numerous peaks, inlets, cliffs, plateaus, promontories and beaches limited by terraced escarpments and rocky escarpments. The complex of reliefs limestone are used as pasture and covered by Mediterranean grasslands and garrigue and hosts many formations of dwarf palm scrub. Unfortunately, the low productivity of the land has left several very large areas uncultivated and increasingly exposed to pasture, progressively losing its Mediterranean identity.

However, this does not take away any beauty from this path, on the contrary it differentiates it and makes it unique in turn.

Other information

  • Lenght: 11,06 km
  • Duration: 5 h
  • Difficulty: E (Escursionistico)
  • Maximum altitude: 718 m
  • Minimum altitude: 267 m
  • Ascent height difference: 624 m
  • Descent height differrence: -624 m
  • Maximum slope uphill: 28,5%
  • Maximum descent slope: -27,1%

Notes: Ticket required for entry on Zingaro Reserve