1. Favignana and Levanzo excursion

La Libera: Egadi Shuttle Tour to Favignana and Levanzo

The islands of Favignana and Levanzo, despite being small in size, have many attractions to visit.

La Libera: Egadi <em>Shuttle Tour</em> to Favignana and Levanzo

Our excursion "La Libera" was designed to give you the opportunity to visit the island not only in the coasts, but also in the mainland, with long stops to visit the island in total freedom and autonomy.

What to see during the excursion to Favignana?

Once on the island, the first place you will encounter will be the picturesque village of Favignana, for the most part of seventeenth-century origin. All the alleys, alleys and streets have been built with the beautiful stone of Mount Erice, a peculiarity that gives a historical air to the streets. Among the unmissable activities in the village is certainly getting lost among the local and traditional shops.

Proceeding you cannot miss the three city squares, such as Piazza Marina, Piazza Madrice and Piazza Europa. Finally, a nice walk along the promenade will make you admire the old port, almost going back in time.

Among the main attractions we find the Ex Stabilimento della Tonnara Florio.

Purchased by the Florio family in 1841 together with the Formica trap, it was enlarged and improved, becoming one of the best traps in the area thanks to its strategic position. At the end of its use as a trap, the plant was renovated becoming an icon of industrial archeology with its museum and the ancient tuna production and conservation rooms.

Also not to be missed is the magnificent Castle of Santa Caterina, reachable by car via a dirt road and then with a short walk accompanied by a scenic path. Today it is only possible to guess the archaeological trace of the Saracen or Norman imprint in the castle and in the fortresses. The drawbridge of the castle has been replaced by a corridor and the coat of arms referring to the Aragonese family is still affixed, but now almost illegible. A beautiful chapter of history to be discovered.

Among the beaches we find the beautiful Cala Azzurra, Cala Rossa and Bue Marino. In reality there are many more, but these are the unmissable ones. Their strong point is undoubtedly the crystalline sea, a natural salt water pool, where you can see the white backdrop with pink and golden shades.

What to see during the excursion to Levanzo?

Levanzo is the smallest of the islands of the archipelago of the Egadi Islands, with an area of just 5km.

Do not miss the small village, consisting of a few hundred houses overlooking the small harbor and the nerve center of island life. All activities are concentrated in this small village. You can easily visit Levanzo on foot without any difficulty, admiring the landscape, the typical houses and the timeless air of the village. Or, you can take advantage of the boat taxi service, kindly offered by local fishermen.

Among the beaches not to be missed we have Cala Faraglione, with its magnificent stack that rises from the sea; Cala Fredda, a small beach of gravel and very clear sand; Cala Minnola, a few minutes from Cala Fredda, bathed by blue and clear water and surrounded by wild nature; Cala Calcara and many other coves that you will discover walking around the town.

You will be surprised by the beauty that these islands offer to its visitors.

This excursion is the perfect solution for those who want to visit Favignana and Levanzo and manage their free time in full autonomy.


  1. 1

    Departure from Trapani at 10.00

  2. 2

    Panoramic tour of the coast with a visit to Cala Azzurra, Cala Rossa and Bue Marino

  3. 3

    Arrival at the port of Favignana

  4. 4

    Stop in Favignana 4h stop to visit the island in total freedom and autonomy

  5. 5

    Departure from Favignana towards Levanzo

  6. 6

    Stop in Levanzo 2h stop to visit the island, famous for its pristine coves and its Faraglione

  7. 7

    Return to Trapani at the port, scheduled for 18:00.

Your excursion to Favignana and Levanzo awaits you!

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