1. Trekking Monte Monaco

Walk to Monte Monaco

At all trekking, Monte Monaco awaits us!

Walk to Monte Monaco

From the foot of San Vito lo Capo, on its eastern side, this mountain rises majestically, ready to protect the town and keep it within its rock walls, ready to be discovered by lovers of adventures immersed in nature.

For some years a path has been restored, once used by shepherds and farmers to carry out their work, which allows you to reach the top of the mountain in about an hour and a half.

The Trekking route on Monte Monaco San Vito lo Capo starts behind the town, on the Mondello municipal road, where you can find a large sign that marks the beginning of the path and that informs you about all the notions and curiosities to know that to start the journey with the right knowledge.

Along the way, you immerse yourself more and more in the beautiful Mediterranean flora, rich in dwarf palms and with small wooded areas. The vegetation is very sparse, but proudly displays its beauty with the variety of species that bloom all year round. You will find excellent signs that will lead you step by step to discover every glimpse of the mountain accompanying you to the top.

After a complete immersion in the scents and colors of the beautiful nature, right near the top you will find the remains of a disused marble quarry. These quarries have provided calcareous and compact stones dating back to the Jurassic period, with a characteristic red-brown color, among the most popular of the Baroque in all of Sicily, the magnificent cave di Rosso San Vito, better known as the Contorrana quarries.

Continuing your journey you will begin to glimpse a large cross that will make you understand that you have finally arrived at the top of Monte San Vito lo Capo. To welcome you there will be a beautiful view that the whole world can envy. On one side you can admire Erice, Mount Cofano and the whole coast to the south-west, to the east you will see the beautiful San Vito lo Capo up to the Gulf of Castellammare, to the south the ridge of Monte Speziale up to Monte Sparagio and to the north the beautiful Mar Tyrrhenian.

After having tasted this evocative 360 ° view of Sicily, we will be ready to leave again descending from the opposite side of San Vito lo Capo Monte Monaco, coming downhill as far as via Zarbo di Mare. Once at the foot of the mountain, to reach San Vito lo Capo it will take another hour and a half in which to enjoy the view.

Other information

  • Lenght: 8,71 km
  • Duration: 4 h
  • Difficulty: E (Hike)
  • Maximum altitude: 508 m
  • Minimum altitude: 13 m
  • Ascent height difference: 513 m
  • Descent height difference: -540 m
  • Maximum slope uphill: 13,3%
  • Maximum descent slope: -7,8%