1. Historical sailing boat

Historical sailing boat tours on the Trapani coast

Trapani, the city of sun, salt, wind and sailing. What better city to choose for unique experiences such as boat rides historical sailing.

Historical sailing boat tours on the Trapani coast

If you are looking for a new panache, you want to make new unforgettable experiences and you like to explore and discover new lands and attractions, then you are in the right place, we have the solution for you: a wonderful historical sailing excursion along the coast of Trapani.

Sail aboard a wonderful historical sailboat and discover the most beautiful and enchanting destinations of the Trapani coast, relaxing and listening to the ancient tales of the commander who will tell you the legends and stories that arise together with the walls of the places and territories we will visit.

This excursion is perfect for everyone, especially for those who can't wait to discover the hidden and most beautiful views of Trapani but from a new perspective and in complete relaxation.

Itinerary of our historic sailing trip

During the sailing tour you will discover the famous Tower of Ligny, the tower that separates the Mediterranean Sea from the Tyrrhenian Sea. Some stories tell that during the beautiful days it is possible to see the two seas that meet. It was built in the distant 1671 by order of the prince of Ligne, to defend the city from the raids of the Barbary pirates, who tried to conquer Trapani for its white gold, salt, and for its convenient geographical position. Cannons had been installed on its roof and during the Second World War, it was used by the Navy as an anti-aircraft post.

You will be able to see the “Lazzaretto” during the sailing trips. The building was born in 1838 with the aim of welcoming people with contagious diseases. The port of Trapani has always been a nerve center for port operations, therefore very busy, and especially in those years when treating diseases was not so simple and there were many ships that arrived from all parts of the world, he felt particularly the need to have a place that could welcome those who came from other lands and carried new diseases. Today it is a meeting place for many young people and hosts the headquarters of the Trapani section of the Italian naval league.

During the day on a sailing boat you can admire the mighty “Castello della Colombaia”, also known as “Castello di Mare” or “Torre Pelide”, whose name has its roots in its history. It is a beautiful medieval fortress with very ancient origins, it was built on the orders of Amilcare Barca, in the period of the First Punic War in 260 BC and after defending the city, it was abandoned by the fighters becoming a nest of doves, the messengers of the time, thus taking the name of Colombaia. Over the years, it often changed use. First it became a fortress for defense against pirate attacks around 1400 and later a prison until 1965, eventually ending up in a state of neglect. Today we can visit it and appreciate it in all its splendor thanks to the intervention of FAI, the Italian Environment Fund, which has restructured it and brought it to its present state.

You will then discover the “Bastione Imperiale”, “Bastione Conca”, the Tonnara Tipa, the Tonnara San Cusumano and the Asinelli Island in a unique travel experience.

A refreshment based on typical local products will be offered on board to be enjoyed together with the sight of these magnificent views.

Book your berth in Trapani and set off to discover the history of Trapani.

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