1. Excursion to the historic center

What to see in Trapani? The historic center of the city

Here is an excursion that will allow you to discover the things to see in Trapani.

What to see in Trapani? The historic center of the city

What to see in Trapani? The historic center of the city

The historic center of Trapani is a must, a treasure of historical and cultural attractions. Walking through the cobbled streets, you can admire the historic buildings and savor the unique atmosphere of this fascinating Sicilian city. Among the main things to see in Trapani, you cannot miss the Cathedral of San Lorenzo, it will leave you breathless with its majesty and beauty. Don't forget to visit the interior of the cathedral, where you can admire priceless works of art.

A few steps from the cathedral, you will find the Palazzo della Giudecca. This historic palace, with its intricate architectural details, is a beautiful example of Arab-Norman architecture. A visit to this palace will allow you to immerse yourself in the history and culture of Trapani.

The historic center of Trapani is also famous for its numerous churches, including the Church of Purgatory and the Church of Saint Augustin, which house some of the most beautiful works of art in the city, making them an obligatory stop for lovers of art. Don't forget to take a walk up to Ligny Tower, this 17th century tower, now transformed into a museum, offers a panoramic view of the city and the sea that will leave you speechless.

But Trapani is not just history and culture. The historic center is also the beating heart of city life, with numerous restaurants, cafes and shops. Here you will have the opportunity to taste the delicious local cuisine and go shopping.

These are just some of the things to visit in Trapani, if you want to discover more about this magnificent city and want to discover all the secrets of its ancient heart, all you have to do is book your excursion!

The excursion program is defined as follows::

  1. 1

    Meeting in San Vito lo Capo in via Duca degli Abruzzi 60 at 11.50 am

  2. 2

    Departure for the historic center of Trapan at 12.00 am

  3. 3

    Arrival at the historic center of Trapani at 01.00 pm and free visit of the "city of the wind".

  4. 4

    Meeting with the driver at 04.00 pm, minibus ride to Trapani and return

  5. 5

    Arrival at destination scheduled for 05.00 pm and end of excursion

The fee includes transport in very comfortable minibuses round trip, professional and qualified driver, parking, fuel and VAT. Does not include meals and drinks, entrance fees

What to know about the excursion

Trapani known as the city of the wind: we recommend visiting the historic center and "the north walls", the cathedral of San Lorenzo, the Porta Oscura and Astronomical Clock, the Church of Sant'Agostino, the port, the Ligny tower and the Colombaia

Visiting Trapani is a rich and rewarding experience. Whether you are a history buff, culture lover or simply looking for beauty, Trapani has something to offer everyone.

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