1. Valley of the Temples Excursion

Explore the magical Valley of the Temples of Agrigento

Agrigento, an ancient Greek city, once known as Akragas, is home to a series of majestic temples that dominate the hill near the modern city of Agrigento. The "Valley of the Temples" is not just an archaeological park, but an emblem of the cultural heritage of Sicily and of all humanity.

Explore the magical Valley of the Temples of Agrigento

The Valley offers a route through the magnificent remains of several Doric temples which date back to the 5th and 6th centuries BC. Among these, the Temple of Concordia, one of the best preserved Doric temples in the world, offers an almost intact image of its original structure. No less impressive is the Temple of Hera, where you can admire the columns that still stand majestically against the sky of Agrigento today. Each temple in Agrigento tells a story of divinity and worship that fascinates every visitor.

The Garden of Kolymbetra:

An oasis of peace within the Valley of the Temples Park, the Kolymbetra Garden is a true botanical treasure that is worth a visit. This historic garden is a perfect example of how nature and archeology can coexist in harmony, offering visitors a relaxing break between discoveries.


The excursion program is defined as follows:

  1. 1

    Meeting in Trapani in Via Ammiraglio Staiti 73 at 08.50 am Meeting in San Vito lo Capo in via Duca degli Abruzzi 60 at 8.50 am

  2. 2

    Departure for the archaeological park of Agrigento at 9.00 am

  3. 3

    Arrival at the Valley of the Temples ticket office at approximately 11.30 am and start of the free visit to the archaeological park.
    Extra cost of tickets for the park only: up to 18 years free, from 18 to 25 years €6.00 per person, from 25 onwards €12.00 per person
    With an extra ticket it is possible to visit the regional archaeological museum “Pietro Griffo” and/or the Kolymbetra garden.
    Once you arrive at the site, on request it is possible to be accompanied by qualified guides registered in the regional register

  4. 4

    Meeting with the driver at 03.30 pm minibus ride around the valley and return.

  5. 5

    Arrival at destination scheduled for 06.00 pm and end of excursion

The fee includes transport in very comfortable minibuses round trip, professional and qualified driver, parking, fuel and VAT. It does not include meals and drinks, entrance tickets to the site, guides registered in the regional register.

What to know: Generally the visit takes at least 2 and a half hours, to which add the time to go back to the car park, but we advise you to visit the valley of the temples without rushing.

Discover the Valley of the Temples

The Valley of the Temples of Agrigento extends over a vast area where majestic temples dominate the scene. The park is one of Sicily's main sources of pride and attracts visitors from every corner of the globe. Among these magnificent buildings, the Temple of Agrigento, also known as the Temple of Concordia, is one of the best preserved in the entire Mediterranean, a symbol of Agrigento's temples that resist time.

Every temple here has a story to tell. Walking among the ruins, you can almost hear the echo of the footsteps of the priests who once walked these sacred streets. The Temples of Agrigento, with their imposing columns and refined sculptures, are a true open-air museum that illustrates the grandeur of ancient Greece. Don't miss the opportunity to visit the Temple of Agrigento, dedicated to the gods and goddesses who looked over this golden city.

Visiting the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento is more than a simple excursion; it is an experience that enriches the spirit, educates the mind and enchants the sight. Don't miss the opportunity to experience an excursion to the Valley of the Temples!

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