San Vito lo Capo magnificent beaches!

San Vito lo Capo beaches, all the unmissable destinations of Western Sicily

San Vito lo Capo beaches

There are many reasons why Sicily is famous: the warmth of the people who live in this land, the typical Sicilian gastronomy with Bronte pistachios, Pachino tomato, Modica chocolate, Nero d'Avola and many other wines, Cannoli, Arancine, but above all the Sea !

The beaches comparable to those of the Caribbean are the undisputed protagonists of the island: the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Mediterranean Sea embrace the whole island becoming the main landscape, giving suggestive and unrivaled views. In particular, Western Sicily has most of the most beautiful beaches.

San Vito lo Capo in this case is the reference point, as it is right here and in the neighboring areas that the San Vito lo Capo tour begins, the most beautiful beaches in Sicily. This makes it an unmissable destination for sea lovers, both for people looking for a holiday made of relaxation, beach and sunbathing, and for those looking for a journey in the name of nature and sport.

Whichever of the two types you are, book your apartment and leave for your trip to San Vito lo Capo!

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Beaches in San Vito lo Capo, what can’t be missed!

Between the coasts of Trapani and that of Castellammare there are 45km of coastline where you may find some of the most beautiful beaches not only on the island, but in all of Italy. Let's see together the beaches of San Vito lo Capo and surroundings.

The beach of San Vito lo Capo is about 3 km long and is very wide, in some points it reaches up to 70 meters. The sand is very fine and manages to reflect the sun's rays becoming a golden and brilliant color, in contrast to the clear blue of the sea. For years it has been named Blue Flag, an award given to European coastal resorts that meet certain parameters in terms of quality of services and beach cleanliness, in fact, along the entire coast, in addition to the stretches of free beach, there are many establishments that rent beach umbrellas and sunbeds and the municipality cleans the beach every day. There are many bars and restaurants near the sea in San Vito lo Capo to take a break from the scorching summer sun. All these light-colored houses, together with the palm trees and the majesty of Monte Monaco, frame everything making it unforgettable. San Vito lo Capo beach, truly inevitable.

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Cala del Bue Marino

The Cala del Bue Marino,, which you can also visit by e-Bike, is a magnificent view from which you can admire the beauty of the Sicilian coasts. A true paradise that has received many awards and recognitions all well deserved from the moment it makes anyone who sees this cove fall in love with its wonderful crystal clear waters. The beach is made up of white pebbles and is free, although in summer it is necessary to arrive early enough if you want to have a place to yourself. The most beautiful moment comes at sunset, when the sky turns red and the reflection on the sea becomes a truly magical play of colors.

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Borgo di Macari

Then we have the village of Macari, which we can see just before arriving at the beach of San Vito lo Capo and takes its name from the gulf from which it overlooks. This small glimpse is preceded by the mountains of the Riserva dello Zingaro and a wall of cliffs of unique beauty. It goes from the walls of Cala Mancina to Monte Cofano. To visit by e-bike at sunset is really beautiful.

It is possible to find both coves with pebbles and white sand beaches and what distinguishes this small village is its relaxed trend. Traffic is non-existent, there is no chaos in the city and the noises that follow. It manages to give dazzling sunsets from the Macari viewpoint where you will find yourself alone together with the beauty of nature. Moreover, it has recently taken a new name, " Makari ", coined from the Rai series recorded in this village as well as in other very suggestive points of Sicily.

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Reserve of Zingaro

The Oriented Natural Reserve of Zingaro is the trekking destination par excellence. If you are in the western part of Sicily, you can't not go there. It is 7 kilometers of unspoiled nature starting from Scopello and ending in Castellammare del Golfo and, unlike the nature reserves that can be found in Sicily, it is the only one that does not have a coastal road, it will be essential to go trekking in a wild way.

The whole excursion lasts 4 hours but don't worry if you can't complete it: the extraordinary views are so many! The coves that follow one another are Tonnarella dell'Uzzo, Cala dell'Uzzo, Cala Marinella, Cala Berretta, Cala della Disa, Cala del Varo and Cala Capreria. Each of these beaches has its own peculiarities but the common denominator is the seabed rich in marine fauna as a protected area, the flora that embraces each cove, the pebbles and the water in shades of blue, azure and crystalline green.

You can decide to visit the most beautiful coves even with a boat excursion!

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Tonnara di Scopello

Finally, we recommend the Tonnara di Scopello, another of the beaches near San Vito lo Capo, which deserves all the attention. Set between two stacks and bathed by crystal clear water, it offers a breathtaking view. It is a real trap now in disuse, but which has become an open-air museum in all respects. Each corner tells the story of this small glimpse with the watchtower right above the tonnara, which is essential to see approaching enemies. It was built in a tactical way to be able to look out and spot the passage of the tuna and be able to immediately get to work. The stacks and the trap of Scopello are truly heavenly and will take you on a journey back in time.

And it is even more beautiful from another perspective. By taking a boat excursion you will be able to see the magnificent coast with its stacks.

If any doubts about where to go for your summer holidays tormented you, I think that now you have understood that the beaches of San Vito lo Capo are unmissable destinations and will be able to give you the unforgettable holiday you want.

Book your accommodation now and enjoy the splendid sea of this land!

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