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Your trekking routes: excursions from San Vito lo Capo

Although you may think that San Vito lo Capo is perfect only for the sea, in reality it offers a beautiful variety of elevated landscapes, with mountains that preserve glimpses of history belonging to bygone eras. By hiking from San Vito lo Capo, you will be able to discover the unique beauty of these landscapes.

With indescribable natural paintings, during your walks you will discover the Mediterranean nature and the fauna that lives near San Vito.

Let's go to the discovery of these uncontaminated lands that over the years have protected the seaside resort of San Vito lo Capo with their mighty rocky walls.

Trekking: excursions from San Vito lo Capo

Monte Passo del Lupo

Monte Passo del Lupo develops right above Macari, between the two predominant gulfs of Castellammare and Monte Cofano, offering a wonderful view also on Mount Erice, Egadi Islands, the plain of the town, Castellammare, Monte Cofano and many other panoramas that you will discover during the San Vito lo Capo tour.

You can also admire the particular morphology of the surrounding coast, which offers numerous inlets, peaks, promontories, cliffs, beaches and plateaus lived by dwarf palms, eagles and orchids.

It was once used for grazing livestock, thus leaving many uncultivated areas alternating with patches of typically Mediterranean dwarf palms.

The excursion lasts about 5h and it is a hiking path that accompanies you to the vision of unique panoramas.

Monte Passo del Lupo excursion

Monte Monaco

The mighty Monte Monaco is the one who welcomes us as soon as we arrive in the town of San Vito and which over the centuries has protected its walls from bad weather and pirates. It is located in its northern end.

A large sign indicates the start of the path that will take us to the summit, with general indications and information. We will meet the famous Caves of Contorrana, or Caves of Rosso San Vito, the remains of a quarry in which a reddish-colored limestone from the Jurassic era was worked and extracted. Climbing further into the mountain we will find a cross that underlines the end of the path and we will be able to look out from a wonderful panoramic point, enjoying the view of Monte Cofano, Monte Speziale, Monte Sparagio, Erice and the Gulf of Castellammare.

During the San Vito lo Capo excursions we will be able to discover the Mediterranean vegetation of dwarf palms with small wooded areas alternated with barren fields.

This mountain was also used by the locals to carry out agricultural and pastoral work and a path was used that has only been restored a few years ago, allowing access to it.

The excursion lasts about 4 hours and it is a hiking route.

Monte Monaco excursion

Grotta dei Cavalli

Immersed in nature and rich in historical artifacts, the Grotta dei Cavalli is one of the most beautiful attractions to visit on a San Vito lo Capo tour.

The excursion lasts about 3 hours and is a tourist route.

The path to the Grotta dei Cavalli begins in the majestic lighthouse in the town of San Vito, built from 1854 to 1859 and which over the years has protected hundreds and hundreds of boats from the rocky bottoms that line the island.

We then proceed towards a path along a cliff that flanks the limestone cliff where there are coves and caves dating back to the interglacial phases, leaving room for the beautiful Grotta dei Cavalli. Its peculiarity lies in the vastness of the historical artifacts that were found inside this cave dating back to the Eenolithic era, artifacts that we can also see with our own eyes: a large pictorial complex with some geometric figures and other filiform anthropomorphic figures, some with double trident and an archer hunting another zoomorphic figure.

It will be a unique emotion to be able to imagine the life of people who lived thousands of years ago thanks to the memories that they themselves have left us.

Zingaro Reserve excursion

Zingaro Reserve

Among the most popular destinations during the holidays in San Vito lo Capo, we undoubtedly have the beautiful and unique Nature Reserve of the Zingaro .

Its seven coves are each more beautiful than the other and teem with life under the crystal clear waters. It offers excursions of different degrees of difficulty and different durations, making it perfect for everyone: from the oldest to the youngest, from the less experienced to the most trained.

Much of the Sicilian coasts underwent massive overbuilding around the 1960s, so as to be able to accommodate as many tourists as possible by creating thousands of accommodation facilities. The Riserva dello Zingaro is one of the few stretches of coast that have remained untouched by this urbanization, remaining uncontaminated and allowing visitors to immerse themselves completely in nature.

The excursion starts from the side of San Vito lo Capo in the direction of the Museum of Rural Life, a corner of history where it is possible to discover how wheat was worked and see sickles, saddlebags and plows used centuries back by our ancestors. We will then see the majestic Grotta dell'Uzzo, one of the most important prehistoric sites in all of Sicily. The remains of lions, rhinos and even mammoths have been found. It was used by a community of hunters to protect themselves at night from these dangerous animals.

We will then walk continuing towards Contrada Sughero and Borgo Cusenza, a beam with a few houses where time stopped a hundred years ago, with the ovens that were used by these small families. Finally, we will continue to the Caves of Mastro Peppe Siino and Cala Tonnerella dell'Uzzo, where you can cool off and take a regenerating bath.

The excursion lasts about 4 hours and it is a hiking route.

San Vito lo Capo excursions: what do you need?

To do Trekking it is essential to have the right equipment, so that we can make our walks in complete safety.

It is mandatory to use trekking boots with non-slip treaded sole, which protect the ankle from any sprains and make walking very stable. Trekking poles offer considerable support and for this reason we always recommend them! Finally, the backpack is always better that it has a capacity of 20-30 liters.

Absolutely not to miss in your backpack : water bottle of at least 1.5 l, an energy snack, packed lunch and picnic kit, sweater, anorak, sunglasses, sunscreen, hat, gloves, light, whistle, first aid kit, medicines and personal effects.

Now that you know everything you need and the information you need for all excursions, you just have to go on an adventure and see these corners of earthly paradise with your own eyes with I Tre Golfi Accommodation.

San Vito lo Capo Tour is waiting for you!

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